Buyers What is Credit and Why It’s Important What’s a credit score?  There are few numbers in life that matter as much to your financial health as your credit score.  Your credit report and rating compose a financial snapshot that presents you to the business world. Your financial history can affect how easily you can get a mortgage, rent an apartment, make big-ticket […]
Lifestyle 20 Of The Best Flowers To Plant If You Live In Connecticut FROM: LANDSCAPERLOCATOR.COM     From:   Looking to spruce up your garden in the Connecticut area? We’ve got plenty of suggestions that will make the perfect addition to any gardener’s flower beds, with many of the best flowers we list below growing natively right here in our area. 1. Trumpet Honeysuckle This native plant […]
Lifestyle How to Stylishly Bring More Sunlight Into Your Home By Lauren Joseph The Wall Street Journal April 1, 2023  Design pros are turning to a chic alternative to the roof-puncturing skylight: the interior window. Here’s what you need to know.   ROOM WITH A VIEW OF A ROOM In her 1902 home in Grand Rapids, Mich., interior designer Jean Stoffer repurposed vintage storm windows. STOFFER PHOTOGRAPHY […]
Lifestyle Word Art – Yea or Nay? I’ve been reading a lot about design trends that are hot, and those on their way out this year.  And guess what?  They all contradict each other!  Style is such a personal thing.  One trend that many designers seem to agree on is Word Art. Word Art has been around for eons, but in the […]
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