Buyers What is Credit and Why It’s Important What’s a credit score?  There are few numbers in life that matter as much to your financial health as your credit score.  Your credit report and rating compose a financial snapshot that presents you to the business world. Your financial history can affect how easily you can get a mortgage, rent an apartment, make big-ticket […]
Market Updates Market Update – April 2024 Earthquakes, Huskies, and a Solar Eclipse The past week has been very exciting!  How often do you experience an earthquake (what?!), solar eclipse, and a national championship all in one week?  The UCONN women and men’s teams both advanced to the Final Four together for the first time in history.  It was an amazing weekend […]
Market Updates Market Update – March 2024 Our team is celebrating!  Both Kelly and Jeanne received the Five Star Professional award for 2024, based on consumer evaluations and production.  I was awarded the Rising Star designation, recognizing newer professionals who excel in client satisfaction.  We don’t take these awards lightly!  Buying and selling real estate can be fun, but also stressful, and we […]
Market Updates Market Update – February 2024 Our team is celebrating our Coldwell Banker President’s Circle Award, representing the top 10% of small teams worldwide.  We also rank as the Number 2 Small Team for Coldwell Banker in Connecticut!  These awards could not have been possible without the trust you have placed in us to guide you through the purchase and/or sale of your homes and the […]
Market Updates Market Update January 2024 Although the housing market typically slows down during the winter months, we can assure you that there are still many ready buyers out there right now looking for a home.  This is the perfect time to list your property and get ahead of the spring market.  With less inventory now in the winter months, your […]
Market Updates Market Update – November 2023 We are still in a market with record low inventories across all towns in Fairfield County compared to 2020, and home prices are still appreciating.  Properties that are prepared and priced properly continue to close above asking price. The pace of the market has slowed a bit, which is normal for this time of year. We are seeing Relocation […]
Market Updates Market Update – December 2023 The market feels slower, as it does each year at this time.  We are still in a market with record low inventories across all towns in Fairfield County compared to 2020.  Units sold in Easton are down 50% from 2020, and down 53% from 2020 in Fairfield. Our team is having several conversations with clients who are […]
Market Updates Market Update – October 2023 We are still in a market with record low inventories across all towns in Fairfield County compared to 2020, and this has contributed to a swell in home prices.  Properties are still closing above asking price.  Despite this market appreciation, 25% of properties in Fairfield County have taken a price reduction in the last 60 days  – […]
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Market Updates Market Update September 2023 We are still in a market with record low inventories across all towns in Fairfield County compared to 2020, and this has contributed to a swell in home prices in our area.  It seems buyers have accepted the 7% interest rates as the new normal and are re-calibrating their expectations for buying power.  Despite the […]
Market Updates Market Update Summer 2023 The Northeast still leads the country in recent home price growth.  We seem to be insulated in our local market from the national narrative.  The July average sales price for homes in Fairfield was $1.36M, an increase of 20% since this time last year, and in Easton was $1.09M, an increase of 14% from this time last year.  Inventory is down 68% […]
Market Updates Market Update June 2023 The Northeast leads the country in recent home price growth. Prices are still high in our local market and inventory is slowly increasing.  The average sale prices for homes in Fairfield increased 12.9% since this time last year, and in Easton increased 3.1% from this time last year.  Days on Market in Fairfield have decreased 11.1% […]
Market Updates Market Update May 2023 Prices are still high in our local market and inventory is starting to pick up.  Easton’s inventory is up 33% with 16 homes listed for sale on May 1st as compared to 12 in April.  Until recently, there were NO homes on the market in Easton for under $1MM, and that is starting to change with 7 […]
Market Updates When are Prices and Interest Rates Coming Down? The question I hear the most from friends and people I meet is “When are prices and interest rates coming down?”  I wish I could tell you when interest rates are coming down, but nobody can say for sure.  Many economists are predicting lower mortgage rates later this year and I’m hoping that’s going to […]
Lifestyle 20 Of The Best Flowers To Plant If You Live In Connecticut FROM: LANDSCAPERLOCATOR.COM     From:   Looking to spruce up your garden in the Connecticut area? We’ve got plenty of suggestions that will make the perfect addition to any gardener’s flower beds, with many of the best flowers we list below growing natively right here in our area. 1. Trumpet Honeysuckle This native plant […]
Lifestyle How to Stylishly Bring More Sunlight Into Your Home By Lauren Joseph The Wall Street Journal April 1, 2023  Design pros are turning to a chic alternative to the roof-puncturing skylight: the interior window. Here’s what you need to know.   ROOM WITH A VIEW OF A ROOM In her 1902 home in Grand Rapids, Mich., interior designer Jean Stoffer repurposed vintage storm windows. STOFFER PHOTOGRAPHY […]
Buyers Should I use a Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer for my Mortgage? When searching for a mortgage you have two options when it comes to getting a professional to help secure funding:  a loan officer or a mortgage broker.  Roles of loan officers and mortgage brokers are similar in that they will both gather information about your financial picture and help you fill out a mortgage application […]
In The News Real Estate Buyers Are Not Liars, Agents Just Need To Listen By Frederick Peters Contributor for FORBES Magazine I focus on real estate brokerage and the New York City market. Feb 1, 2023,12:15pm EST   The real estate agent’s job, perhaps more than any other, is to really HEAR the buyers and show them alternatives that allow their perhaps inchoate desires to find expression in the […]
Sellers This is the Best Color to Paint Your House if you Want to Sell it Fast, Experts Say. We polled experts about the paint colors homebuyers like most; here’s what they said. (Image credit: Darren Chung © Future) BY TERRI WILLIAMS – REAL HOMES  PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 20, 2021   When it comes to painting your house before you list it, it’s not about you – it’s about potential buyers. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, […]
In The News WSJ: A Tale of Two Housing Markets: Prices Fall in the West While the East Booms In an unusual pattern, the 12 major housing markets west of Texas, plus Austin, saw home prices fall in January, while the opposite happened in the rest of the country.   Seattle home prices fell 7.5% in January from a year earlier. CHONA KASINGER FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL   By Nicole Friedman  Wall Street Journal March […]
Market Updates March Madness = Market Madness Usually when someone mentions March Madness we think of basketball, but that also describes the real estate market in our area right now.  The national narrative on the news is grim, but things are picking up.  Pending home sales, an important market indicator, were up 8% nationally in January on top of a 2.5% gain […]